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Full, Karen and you will Squidward features a natural matchmaking

Full, Karen and you will Squidward features a natural matchmaking

Patrick Star

Karen and you can Patrick online incontri over 50 generally don’t work together. not, Patrick does not appear to realize that Karen is actually evil. He attempts to help Plankton create Karen happier throughout the periods “Container Sweet Container” and “Single cell Anniversary,” exhibiting he doesn’t hate her.

Karen relates to Patrick just like the SpongeBob’s “green friend” in the first motion picture. Regarding publication SpongeBob DetectivePants: The outcome of Shed Spatula, Patrick calls Karen “Speaking Field,” proving that he does not be aware that she is a computer.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward doesn’t care and attention truly on Karen or Plankton. You to different ‘s the SpongeBob SquarePants Film, in which Squidward are assaulted from the Plankton’s submissives once Karen turns on the helmet brain-control gizmos. Other is “Container Nice Container,” in which Squidward generates a pc to your redesigned Krusty Krab away from Karen. A third was “Chum Fricassee,” in which Squidward communities up with Plankton and you can Karen to start his eatery. Karen functions once the a waitress.

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs and you will Karen barely come together even with being opponents, although not Mr. Krabs performed hire this lady since the a beneficial cashier in “Karen 2.0.”

In the “Finest Frenemies,” Karen tries to share with Mr. Krabs and you can Plankton what the Kelp Shakes are produced from. Regrettably, they don’t tune in to this lady and you may end up sipping this new shakes, that creates them to feel hairy monsters.

For the “Mermaid Man compared to. SpongeBob,” Karen asks Mr. Krabs for 2 Kiddie Buffet playthings to give so you’re able to Plankton. Whenever she brings a meal to Plankton, the guy asks their, “What exactly is you to? A keepsake from your own boyfriend Krabs. “

In the “Frozen Face-Out-of,” Karen and you may Mr. Krabs collaborate to thrive after both almost freeze to help you dying, just to getting saved because of the SpongeBob and his awesome family relations.

In the “Karen 2.0,” Plankton creates an alternative Karen in which he kicks her away. Mr. Krabs and you will SpongeBob pick the girl to the curb or take the girl on Krusty Krab. Whenever she shoes up, she tells the two from the the girl fears. All of a sudden, Mr. Krabs sympathizes with her and offer their a position. Whenever Karen dos and you can Plankton show up in order to steal the formula, Karen and you may Karen 2 initiate assaulting and you will Mr. Krabs takes the opportunity to possess people put wagers to the just who usually earn.

From inside the “Lame and you can Luck,” Mr. Krabs considers just what their funeral create look like. It is revealed one Karen do sit in close to Pearl and his awesome almost every other family unit members, implying you to definitely she do slightly value him.

Exotic Face

Instead of the girl other relationships, Karen’s connection with Sandy is actually a purely self-confident you to definitely. They are both peak-lead and you can smart characters which have a like to have developments, that is the reason he has got had amicable affairs on the collection.

Inside the “Suspended Face-Out-of,” Exotic and her family unit members rescue Karen from getting suspended. Later on, Exotic spends Karen’s looks to keep Squidward, that has been suspended in the a beneficial take off from freeze.

In the “Salsa Imbecilicus,” Karen and you will Sandy may be the merely people out-of Bikini Base who just weren’t turned into idiots from the vapor away from Plankton’s sauce. They work with her to create an effective university, and therefore sooner efficiency every person to their typical intelligence. Which occurrence suggests that Karen knows in which Sandy life which this lady residence is called an excellent treedome, implying that she has visited Sandy.

Inside “Girls’ Night out,” the two and you can Mrs. Smoke spend a night out together, together with around three consider each other just like the “Gal Friends” throughout the episode.

Gary the newest Snail

Karen does not head Gary. Karen is simple about Plankton’s propose to impersonate Gary when you look at the “Shellback Shenanigans.” After “Frozen Deal with-Of,” Karen allows Gary lay on best regarding the girl. Gary remains on top of Karen until Plankton attempts to fry them in a great vat out of boiling hot petroleum.

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